The water goes..

I'm having a nice hot bubbly bath this morning to make myself feel better, and in walks Jared

Jared - Is that water dirty?
Me - No.
Jared - Thats good because when it goes down that hole (the overflow hole) it will give the water to other people and come out their taps.
Me - Don't think that's how it works Jared.


Blogging again and Christmas :)

I'm not going to promise to start blogging again. No point I won't stick to it (trying reverse psychology here...haha)

Not blogged for a while and I don't want to start writing about what's happened in life the last year..not a massive amount - except Jared starting school - but I plan to write about that in a post sometime soon. I feel like I need an outlet to write at the moment. So back to the blog.

1st of November, and I've already started my Christmas shopping. I'll be told off for writing about Xmas seeing as its the fianc├ęs birthday in 8 days, I'm not allowed to start my Christmas planning officially till after that! But I started a few months ago organizing the type of gifts I want to give to people. I'm very excited about my ideas. Anyone that follows me on Pinterest will know I've been collecting ideas for a while on Xmas gifts. This is the first year I've really put a lot of thought into gifts - usually I'm quite stuck and get everything from Boots, except for the odd special present for close family and friends.

Today I went to Gunwarf and found some fab bargains in outlet stores. Cath Kidston and Paperchase particularly, 2 shops I adore but think can be a little pricey  so only buy things in the sales. I've also been buying odds and ends from Ebay. Internet shopping beats real shopping for me any-day, only because I hate crowds, if shops could always be empty and without staff asking if I need any help I would be fine - and if shops wouldn't be boiling hot inside when its cold out. I really don't like shopping.

I brought this cute little gift bag today, from Paperchase - So cute. Wish I had some sewing skills so I could make some.



I really really really really want it to snow this weekend.

Jared has been on about snow since before Xmas. He actually thought it wouldn't be Christmas until it snowed. We explained and I think he understands that we don't always have a white Christmas.

I want the snow for me too! I love it.