The Pyramids. New soft play in Southsea

On Monday we got the new sofa and it was all very hectic so Matt kicked me out for the afternoon! So me and Jared ventured out in the cold and windy weather and headed towards the seafront. I knew The Pyramids soft play centre had just opened and new its opening hours from seeing info on Twitter & Facebook. So we walked down to there to have a look.They charged me £3.50 for an hour and a half. I think over 5's are different price to under 5's.

I was expecting something a bit bigger when I first saw it. But once we got in I realised it wasn't tiny just compact! Was about the right size for Jared's age :)

Jared went straight for the ball pit and got stuck in. This was in the younger toddler baby section at the bottom of the play area.
We were the only people there and a
nice lifegaurd/staff lady had to sit in the play area room while we were there for health and safety reasons, so I had a chat with her about how it had been over the weekend.

Jared then realised there was a slide and explored that. I then suggested we go up a level and find the bigger slide.
I wasn't prepared for how worn out it would make me!
The junior area was recommended for 0ver 5's but we went anyway I was with Jared I just got to be a big kid and we just went all the way up to the top. I had to help him up some of the bigger climbing steps but overall I didn't need to help him too much except directing him which way to go!

Got to the top and we could watch
over the main pools which Jared loved. He told me wants to go swimming and wants mickey mouse
swimming trunks (the ones he saw me
looking at on ebay a few days before! and now I have brought!).

At the top there was a plastic tunnel
to crawl through and some massive bouncy balls and other things to balance on run through etc. There was also a bigger slide which Jared made me go down a few times!

He loved it :D

We stayed for about an hour then headed home as it was getting dark. I would definitely recommend going. Its a nice size but not overwhelmingly big that you cant find your child if you turn your back for a second!

It is very warm though so be prepared to get hot if you are chasing after a lil 'un as its next to the pools in a room to the side, which means it shares the same heating system as the rest of the facility (as the nice lifeguard/staff lady told me).

Anyway we are going again tommorow with Hannah (Metal Mummy) and her lovely daughter Freyja. So will prob update about how it is there with more than 1 child haha.


  1. Awwwww looks like he had a brilliant afternoon :)

  2. fab, looks great for Jared's age. I will let you know how Eliza gets on tomorrow!! xx