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I have decided to make an album of my 365 photos on my blog again on a separate page - so if you want to have a look click here 365 Project

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I wanted to make it so you could comment on each picture, but had enough trouble getting them all in the correct order in the first place, I used to be good with website stuff but since having Jared it's all fallen out of my brain! Mumnesia!

Silent Sunday - Poorly boys

Silent Sunday



I thought I'd start a little linky. I may not have many followers, but I just wanted to give it a go and read about friendships.

 So here we go. The topic is Friendship. You can write about your best friend, your friendship with your partner, your friendship with anyone you like. Once you have wrote a fab post no matter how long or short link it up on the linky thing below my post :)

I love my best friend. We may not speak to each other every single day, we don't speak on the phone, we don't text each other very often, we chat online and see each other about once a week, sometimes less depending on how busy we are.

I always though that best friends were the kind of people who say each other all the time, are always on the phone and constantly texting each other. It doesn't work that way in our friendship.

I think because we give each other space that makes our friendship stronger. Your true friends need to know when you need space as well as your friendship. I'm naturally a bit of a loner - by that I mean I love my alone time, and she lets me have it. Sometimes you really don't want someone bugging you to check your ok 5 times a day! We respect each others space.

When we do get together we talk about everything, and we are honest. Sometimes overly honest, as a recent TV sitcom friendship said the other day you always have a friend who speaks the "harsh truth" (that was Ellie and Jules in Cougar town) I think we are like that with each other. I can see that friendship being us one day!

My best friend is honest, makes me smile, she tells me what I want to hear as well as what I sometimes don't want to but I need to, she is there when I need her, she is fun to be around whether we are out at a club a pub or just sat round each others houses watching daytime tv, she is beautiful and she's also a fab Aunty to Jared :)

I love my best friend Leigh lots.

I think we should all blog about our friends from time to time, tell me about yours?

Flashback Friday - Spotty dress

I love old photos, and being the vain person that I am I love old photos of myself. It wasn't hard to dig up a few old ones. In fact I have a photo album on Facebook with nearly 100 photos that have been scanned and uploaded.

Here's a picture of me at playschool I'm guessing I was about 4

I love the dress. Not sure about the collar. My hair was so blonde. It was like this till I was about 13. then it started to go mousy and eventually I started to dye it. It hasn't been natural since my teens.

When I look at this I can see Jared in me.

Anyway for more great Flashback photos go click the link below

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Ooo I have a new Facebook "Like" Page :) Very exciting. Not sure if I will get many followers, but I am trying to grow my blog, so hopefully this will help get my little blog some readers.

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Southsea Boutique Market

I am looking forward to next Saturday as not far from me there is going to be a Boutique Market. I thought I would post some info here for the event as I would like to help spread the word about it

Please have a look at the poster- if you click on it the poster will appear larger.

The main aim of the Southsea Boutique Market is to give the community a place to sell that is family friendly and for businesses who do not have their own shops or premises a chance to showcase themselves.

It will have a vintage-market-carboot-feel, but without the cold weather and the early morning start!

We will have plenty to look at, buy and see.
There will be bike demonstrations, reiki demonstrations, yoga advice, delicious tea and cake for sale in our vintage cafe area courtesy of The tea Party.
Little girls can have their nails done by Princess Pamper Parties.
Wooden children's toys available from Playful Child, beautiful handmade Anne Claire Petit crochet toys and clothes, funky ethical kids clothing by suppliers to Harrods, Stardust Kids and Kids Cottons baby clothes.
Plants and shabby chic items.
A stall by Albert Road's On The Rocks and new to the block, Butterfly Cosmetics.
Hand crafted items lovingly created especially for the market by local traders.
As well as an array of wonderful vintage and pre-loved clothing, books and toys for silly prices!

There is more info availible here


Soundtrack of my life

Ok I've been tagged by the lovely Metal Mummy for Soundtrack of my Life. Here's the rules

If you have an ipod, mp3 player, spotify playlist that you think says a lot about you I’d like you to join me in putting your playlist on shuffle and listing your first 5 tracks. You can add a note about why you have that particular track on your playlist if you’d like to. We all have a track or two we wouldn't like to admit to having on a playlist so no cheating by skipping a track!!

Ok the title was misleading. As well I thought I'd be looking to choose the music that is my soundtrack, not really random from a playlist.

I'm going to use my Spotify Starred tracks playlist. Tracks that I have clicked the star next to recently as I've been going through my music. Its a random mix of recent stuff and old so hopefully it will bring up some interesting tracks!

1. The Streets - Don't mug Yourself

I used to listen to the Streets a lot in my past. I'm not so keen on anything except their first album, which this track is from. There is nothing much to write about it really. I just like the song!

2. Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes

I love Eliza sooo much. Her voice is beautiful. Matt came across a track of hers whilst stumbling online and played it to me, and I was hooked. Her debut studio album is awesomeness. I hope to go see her live. This track is about her hooking up with someone and I love the way she sings i

3. Junior Murvin - Police & Thieves

One from my childhood. My dad used to listen to a lot of reggae and this is from an album he had. I remember lots of times as a teenager sitting in a smokey living room... with my dad whilst we had a record on the record player plus drinking tea and eating toast.

4. Britney Spears - 3

Just love this tune. I love a bit of Britney Spears. I'm a sucker for a pop tune.

5. Panic! at the Disco - But its Better if You Do

Oh so many memories. I first moved out of a family home in Jan 2006 I was 19. I moved in with my friend Leigh. She was more of a friend of a friend back then. I lived in a house with her and her bf to start with, then it changed to her an another girl mate, then Leigh and her brother. Eventually Matt moved in with me in that house too. It was a great time, a lot of ups and downs living in Wykeham Road. Aaaand we listened to a lot of Panic! at The Disco. I could write for hours about all the great things that happened under that roof, but I won't today! I'm glad this track came up as It made me smile and made me think of a time when things were a lot simpler. Going out drinking and having a good time 4+ times a week! Good time :0)
Me and Leigh are best friends now. She means the world to me. So it reminds me of her. It reminds me of getting together with Matt too as I lived there when we got together.

You have been tagged - means you have to have a go too! And I guess as Metal Mummy tagged 3 people I will tag 3 people and then you 3 have to do the same!


Lord of the Rings

Just thought Id join in with this Meme from the lovely Metal Mummy

This weeks theme is 21st Century films.

I wasn't sure if that meant films set in the 21st Century or released? I'm going with came out in the in 21st Century

As a kid I used to watch a cartoon version of Lord of the Rings to death, it was first released in 1978 and It was a video both me and my mum enjoyed, she had read the books and was a great lover of Tolkiens work

When I first saw the Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Rings I was amazed how close it followed the cartoon, Peter Jackson has said on record that he followed the same line that the cartoon original film did too. I love the whole Trilogy of Lord of the Rings so much I could watch it over and over.

I wish I had read the books before the film, I am some of the way through the books now and really enjoying it.

Go and join in the MMMM click the link below

Listen to me.

Why do children deicide to nap at silly times. Jared napped at 4.45pm this afternoon. Annoying as his bedtime is at 7pm and well a late nap means he is not very sleepy at 7pm! He wouldn't wake up after about 20 minutes, I had to pick him up and then he crashed out on me, then I woke him again and he crawled under his blanket and was sound asleep again within minutes. Eventually we woke him up, but he really didn't want to be awake It was only when we bribed him by saying he could have crisps that he came out from under the blanket and sat at his little table.

The bribery situation happens from time to time when we want Jared to do something. Ok its not the best way to deal with things, but I really needed Jared to stop laying on the sofa and falling back to sleepy land.

I was thinking about the ways we diffuse tantrums and other acts of naughtiness and wonder what other mummies do? Sometimes we tell his he will have to go to his room if he doesn't do something or to stop doing something naughty. Other tantrums get the count to 5 treatment. However I'm not sure if with the "count to 5" either he or us know what's going to happen when we get to 5! We have a kind of time-out treatment for extreme naughtiness, which is just placing him on the floor of his room (we live in a flat, so he is only next door to the kitchen/lounge) and leaving him for a few minutes and making sure he says sorry and understands why he was put there. Toddlers don't listen very well. I'm hoping this improves in the next year.

Its very hard to keep your calm with a terrible two year old. He will probably be just as terrible at 3 years old (next Tuesday he is 3!)

So how do you deal with tantrums and naughtiness and general children not listening?


Reasons to be cheerful

Heres a linky blog thing that I said I would do more of!

1. I am very happy right now that this weekend is the 5 YEAR anniversary of getting together with my amazing fiancée. I love him so much. Life would be so weird without him.

2. Although I love my son very much we mummies need a break from our kids from time to time, so I am very happy that he is being picked up by his Grandma tomorrow at 4.30 and is staying at the Grandparents till Sunday. 2 whole nights of drinking shall commence!

3. I'm super happy with my new netbook. Its so easy to use and so tiny. My old laptop was big and awkward. Yes my screen is small but I don't have to have my laptop on a table. I can easily lounge on the sofa or use my new one in bed.

Check out the link and write up your reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart


Ah comfy in my bed

Blogging this eve from the comfort of my bed! A novelty to me as my old laptop was massive and had to be set up in the front room. Nice to avoid the distraction of the trash TV that sucks me in and makes me lose several hours each evening!

I'm also listening to music on my new lil laptop. My old one didn't work very well and I had to have an external sound-card and PC speakers set up to it to listen to anything!

I'm actually listening to a song that Matt used to have on his Myspace profile: Portishead - Roads. Its significant to me as for a long time before we got together I wanted to be his girlfriend, but I couldn't, he was taken and I used to visit his Myspace a lot and listen to this song. Very sad that I used to do that so much, but I was a girl who was under a spell and wanted him so badly. A few friends used to say I was a bit obsessed and a bit stalker-ish! But we were good friends too and he knew how I felt.

This photo was taken 6 days before we were even together - he even had a girlfriend. She was long distance and they hadn't been together very long, we just were right for each other and I wasn't gonna let him go.

Well I got what I wanted, and this Saturday we have been together for 5 years and engaged for just over 4 years. We have a beautiful son who is 3 on the 22nd of Feb. I feel very lucky.



Wow my day zero list can be really hard to stick at. All of the things I said I would do weekly or daily etc have failed already. I really want to be able to stick at something but life is busy and sometimes all I want to do is sit down watch some trash tv and forget about the things that need doing. Which I do a lot! Eeek.

I need a kick up the bum to do stuff. Like exercise. I am supposed to be doing a few hours on the Wii Fit every week, Ive not been on it for ages, and I'm eating badly again - luckily I've not really gained any major weight, but I don't feel good about it.

Even writing in my blog is becoming a chore. I'm just about keeping up with my 365 photo project on Facebook. I think I need to start doing more linky blog posts so I keep writing in my blog like some of the other blogger mummy's do. They all have fab blogs and I feel behind and lazy! I'm sometimes just struggling to find time to read other peoples blogs. I spend too much time watching tv to read blogs - how terrible is that!! :S

Anyway gonna try and read a few blogs this evening that I have got out of sync with and get some inspiration!