It's the end of the year. I feel like I should be writing some kind of review of my year but I don't know where to start.

What I am planning to do though is a new project where I take a photo everyday a "365" project a lot of people are doing these kind of things. It can be a photo of anything and just one a day to upload to a folder. I might do my photo a day on here and on Facebook as well as get them printed throughout the year to make an arty display in my house :)

Lets hope I actually remember and people (Matt) kicks me in the bum when I forget. Im a bit rubbish at keeping up with things I mean to do!

Anyway its New Years Eve (morning!) and I'm really looking forward to spending NYE with my lovely fiancé Matt for the first time in 3 years! And also really looking forward to seeing in the New Year with my best friend Leigh for the first time ever! :)

Happy New Year everyone :)

Dreaming about babies!

I had a dream last night that I was going to an appointment at the doctors with my best friend as she was pregnant.
Then in the dream I was feeling my belly and realised I was pregnant too and I rushed home to tell Matt. He told me I was being silly and it was hormones lol. So I took a pregnancy test (coz in dreams you really do just have everything you need right there!!!) and I was pregnant. Matt was confused.
Still in the dream - I then was with my best friend again I was telling her how excited I was to be pregnant and that I could have the home birth I wanted and do the whole pregnancy and birth the way I wanted. (I know Jared's birth was pretty great and quick, but I'm much more educated about birth than I ever was before, I cant help reading up on birth stories and info about birth these days so think thats why I said that in the dream!)
Then in the dream I told my best friend that out babies would grow up together as they were nearly the same age (as in the dream we were both about 3/4 months pregnant!) I even "felt" my baby move in my dream lol!!!

And then I woke up by Jared coming in.

It was a very vivid dream hence why I can remember it all!

I hate waking up from dreams, especially when they feel so real, I almost felt a bit lost when I woke up and wasn't pregnant. I think I'm getting super broody again!


Things I have planned

Wow Christmas is just round the corner. I have it nearly all ready. Got a few small bits to go and grab and still waiting for a few things to be delivered. I'm a little worried some stuff is going to arrive late! But if it does then people get some presents late!

This weekend Jared is off to Matt's parents to stay overnight on Saturday. I get to go out and have some drinks with friends. Not going to the usual places (The Going out with Leigh and Leigh's brothers friends, so attending some gay pubs in Portsmouth. Should be great fun!

Then I'm off to Matt's parents Sunday afternoon to stay overnight and go watch Jane play Christmas Carols in the brass band she plays with.

Me and Jane (Matts mum) are taking Jared to Southampton on Monday to do a little bit of last minute shopping and to see Father Christmas. Should be a nice day out. I'm looking forward to it.

Got a lot more things planned the next few weeks :) I love Christmas

Also the best thing I have planned (other than Xmas day :) ) is going out on New Years Eve. Its been 4 years since I have had a night out on NYE Im excited. Will be going to my local The Deco and Matt's mum and dad have Jared the night


Wii Fit

I am awful at exercising. The thought of working out in a gym makes me feel a bit weird! So when I had a chance to get myself a Wii with a balance board and Wii Fit Plus I jumped at the chance - in fact it was my birthday and Christmas present from Matt combined.

Its great for keeping track of my weight, I know you might say what's wrong with bathroom scales? Its nice to see it all laid out in a graph and very easy to see how its gone up and down.

There are tons of fun games to play that work on balance and mind, its nice to have something that requires me to use my mind while I'm also exercising.
The yoga is something I thought I wouldn't find fun, but its actually really good. I enjoy trying to get my balance in the right place and trying to beat my previous scores. There are also muscle workouts, and you can pick a male or female trainer.
The aerobics are my favourite part. You have the hula hooping, which is a fab workout for my waist. The jogging is great, its a good warm up for everything else. I enjoy the boxing as I feel its working my arms and my coordination.

I think the game I use the most is the Free Steps, its very very basic step aerobics, but you can just follow the instructions on the remote (by listening) and then switch over to watch normal TV. Which I love as I love TV! I watch so many different tv series that I can keep up with it all while getting my 30 mins a day exercise.

My best friend Leigh now comes round to mine twice a week to use the Wii Fit. Which makes me more motivated to try and beat her scores!! Also its nice to have her round and catch up while we workout :) I think her boyfriend should buy her one for Christmas! Although I'd still love her to come to mind and use it she really wants one at her house.


Christmas is coming

The first year ever I have most of my Christmas presents sorted. I still have to have them wrapped (Matt's job not mine!) and get a few more little things and just double check I have everything. But otherwise we really are ready very early. Usually I don't start my Christmas shopping till the 10th December!

Jared is learning all the words about Christmas. He has a lovely book from his Grandma about the Nativity. He also has a few word books about Christmas objects. Last year he was too young to understand it all and now he knows so much so Its all very exciting!

On another note my cat Loki just came up sat near me and farted. Ewww

New blog, new ramblings...

There are a million blogs out there. I'm not sure why anyone would want to read mine. I've had lots of blogs in the past that I've had my say in, usually about boring mundane things going on in my life that generally is not much interest to many, but its nice to have an outlet of my thoughts and ideas.

I deleted old blogs a while ago after being fed up with them and thought I'd start afresh! I try keeping a diary but it gets written in about once in every 6 months!!

I think a lot of my posts will be about my son Jared, he is nearly 3 years old and is the centre of my world. I live with my fiancé Matt in Southsea and we have been together for nearly 5 years, I will post about him too!

I want to copy an idea from a friend Metal Mummy's Day Zero list - its an epic to do list of 101 things to cross things off once they have been done them over the next 1001 days. I think I may edit the idea and make it a shorter list to do over the New Year of 2011, but its a geat idea that will maybe help motivate me to get off my butt and stop watching so much TV!