Things I have planned

Wow Christmas is just round the corner. I have it nearly all ready. Got a few small bits to go and grab and still waiting for a few things to be delivered. I'm a little worried some stuff is going to arrive late! But if it does then people get some presents late!

This weekend Jared is off to Matt's parents to stay overnight on Saturday. I get to go out and have some drinks with friends. Not going to the usual places (The Going out with Leigh and Leigh's brothers friends, so attending some gay pubs in Portsmouth. Should be great fun!

Then I'm off to Matt's parents Sunday afternoon to stay overnight and go watch Jane play Christmas Carols in the brass band she plays with.

Me and Jane (Matts mum) are taking Jared to Southampton on Monday to do a little bit of last minute shopping and to see Father Christmas. Should be a nice day out. I'm looking forward to it.

Got a lot more things planned the next few weeks :) I love Christmas

Also the best thing I have planned (other than Xmas day :) ) is going out on New Years Eve. Its been 4 years since I have had a night out on NYE Im excited. Will be going to my local The Deco and Matt's mum and dad have Jared the night

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