Dreaming about babies!

I had a dream last night that I was going to an appointment at the doctors with my best friend as she was pregnant.
Then in the dream I was feeling my belly and realised I was pregnant too and I rushed home to tell Matt. He told me I was being silly and it was hormones lol. So I took a pregnancy test (coz in dreams you really do just have everything you need right there!!!) and I was pregnant. Matt was confused.
Still in the dream - I then was with my best friend again I was telling her how excited I was to be pregnant and that I could have the home birth I wanted and do the whole pregnancy and birth the way I wanted. (I know Jared's birth was pretty great and quick, but I'm much more educated about birth than I ever was before, I cant help reading up on birth stories and info about birth these days so think thats why I said that in the dream!)
Then in the dream I told my best friend that out babies would grow up together as they were nearly the same age (as in the dream we were both about 3/4 months pregnant!) I even "felt" my baby move in my dream lol!!!

And then I woke up by Jared coming in.

It was a very vivid dream hence why I can remember it all!

I hate waking up from dreams, especially when they feel so real, I almost felt a bit lost when I woke up and wasn't pregnant. I think I'm getting super broody again!

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