New blog, new ramblings...

There are a million blogs out there. I'm not sure why anyone would want to read mine. I've had lots of blogs in the past that I've had my say in, usually about boring mundane things going on in my life that generally is not much interest to many, but its nice to have an outlet of my thoughts and ideas.

I deleted old blogs a while ago after being fed up with them and thought I'd start afresh! I try keeping a diary but it gets written in about once in every 6 months!!

I think a lot of my posts will be about my son Jared, he is nearly 3 years old and is the centre of my world. I live with my fiancé Matt in Southsea and we have been together for nearly 5 years, I will post about him too!

I want to copy an idea from a friend Metal Mummy's Day Zero list - its an epic to do list of 101 things to cross things off once they have been done them over the next 1001 days. I think I may edit the idea and make it a shorter list to do over the New Year of 2011, but its a geat idea that will maybe help motivate me to get off my butt and stop watching so much TV!


  1. hehe, yay for blog! and yay for blog roll, and yay for day zero list! :D


  2. All very exciting. Want to have a nice place to chat and write about stuff!

  3. You inspired me. Now to actually write a first post lol!