Lord of the Rings

Just thought Id join in with this Meme from the lovely Metal Mummy

This weeks theme is 21st Century films.

I wasn't sure if that meant films set in the 21st Century or released? I'm going with came out in the in 21st Century

As a kid I used to watch a cartoon version of Lord of the Rings to death, it was first released in 1978 and It was a video both me and my mum enjoyed, she had read the books and was a great lover of Tolkiens work

When I first saw the Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Rings I was amazed how close it followed the cartoon, Peter Jackson has said on record that he followed the same line that the cartoon original film did too. I love the whole Trilogy of Lord of the Rings so much I could watch it over and over.

I wish I had read the books before the film, I am some of the way through the books now and really enjoying it.

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  1. Thanks for joining hun :)

    Excellent choice of film!

    Hopefully you'll join next week too :D x

  2. great choice. I love Ian Mckellan. x

  3. |Fair play! The film suprised me cause I really enjoyed it but I'm not a fan of the books. x