Flashback Friday - Spotty dress

I love old photos, and being the vain person that I am I love old photos of myself. It wasn't hard to dig up a few old ones. In fact I have a photo album on Facebook with nearly 100 photos that have been scanned and uploaded.

Here's a picture of me at playschool I'm guessing I was about 4

I love the dress. Not sure about the collar. My hair was so blonde. It was like this till I was about 13. then it started to go mousy and eventually I started to dye it. It hasn't been natural since my teens.

When I look at this I can see Jared in me.

Anyway for more great Flashback photos go click the link below


  1. Your hair is awesome.

    Your dress is awesome.

    Your collar? Not so awesome. x

  2. Bless you...what a dress! And what a collar! ;) I was blonde like that until I was about 8...never was the same after that! Boo.

    Thanks so much for joining in on Flashback Friday! I hope you'll come back next week! :)


  3. Yup, that's one decidedly dodgy collar indeed. I love the dress though and that hair and that cheeky smile are to die for. Love it!