Wow my day zero list can be really hard to stick at. All of the things I said I would do weekly or daily etc have failed already. I really want to be able to stick at something but life is busy and sometimes all I want to do is sit down watch some trash tv and forget about the things that need doing. Which I do a lot! Eeek.

I need a kick up the bum to do stuff. Like exercise. I am supposed to be doing a few hours on the Wii Fit every week, Ive not been on it for ages, and I'm eating badly again - luckily I've not really gained any major weight, but I don't feel good about it.

Even writing in my blog is becoming a chore. I'm just about keeping up with my 365 photo project on Facebook. I think I need to start doing more linky blog posts so I keep writing in my blog like some of the other blogger mummy's do. They all have fab blogs and I feel behind and lazy! I'm sometimes just struggling to find time to read other peoples blogs. I spend too much time watching tv to read blogs - how terrible is that!! :S

Anyway gonna try and read a few blogs this evening that I have got out of sync with and get some inspiration!

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