Ah comfy in my bed

Blogging this eve from the comfort of my bed! A novelty to me as my old laptop was massive and had to be set up in the front room. Nice to avoid the distraction of the trash TV that sucks me in and makes me lose several hours each evening!

I'm also listening to music on my new lil laptop. My old one didn't work very well and I had to have an external sound-card and PC speakers set up to it to listen to anything!

I'm actually listening to a song that Matt used to have on his Myspace profile: Portishead - Roads. Its significant to me as for a long time before we got together I wanted to be his girlfriend, but I couldn't, he was taken and I used to visit his Myspace a lot and listen to this song. Very sad that I used to do that so much, but I was a girl who was under a spell and wanted him so badly. A few friends used to say I was a bit obsessed and a bit stalker-ish! But we were good friends too and he knew how I felt.

This photo was taken 6 days before we were even together - he even had a girlfriend. She was long distance and they hadn't been together very long, we just were right for each other and I wasn't gonna let him go.

Well I got what I wanted, and this Saturday we have been together for 5 years and engaged for just over 4 years. We have a beautiful son who is 3 on the 22nd of Feb. I feel very lucky.

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