I thought I'd start a little linky. I may not have many followers, but I just wanted to give it a go and read about friendships.

 So here we go. The topic is Friendship. You can write about your best friend, your friendship with your partner, your friendship with anyone you like. Once you have wrote a fab post no matter how long or short link it up on the linky thing below my post :)

I love my best friend. We may not speak to each other every single day, we don't speak on the phone, we don't text each other very often, we chat online and see each other about once a week, sometimes less depending on how busy we are.

I always though that best friends were the kind of people who say each other all the time, are always on the phone and constantly texting each other. It doesn't work that way in our friendship.

I think because we give each other space that makes our friendship stronger. Your true friends need to know when you need space as well as your friendship. I'm naturally a bit of a loner - by that I mean I love my alone time, and she lets me have it. Sometimes you really don't want someone bugging you to check your ok 5 times a day! We respect each others space.

When we do get together we talk about everything, and we are honest. Sometimes overly honest, as a recent TV sitcom friendship said the other day you always have a friend who speaks the "harsh truth" (that was Ellie and Jules in Cougar town) I think we are like that with each other. I can see that friendship being us one day!

My best friend is honest, makes me smile, she tells me what I want to hear as well as what I sometimes don't want to but I need to, she is there when I need her, she is fun to be around whether we are out at a club a pub or just sat round each others houses watching daytime tv, she is beautiful and she's also a fab Aunty to Jared :)

I love my best friend Leigh lots.

I think we should all blog about our friends from time to time, tell me about yours?


  1. Thank you *blushes* Love you baby girl!! xx

  2. Hey Kat! I'll link up as I plan to do a post next week about Friends (my friends, not the programme!). I've been doing an AtoZ (you can find in on the nav bar of my blog as last week I posted E. So next week is F and it's for 'friendship' :)

    What a fab relationship you and Leigh have. Lovely stuff.

  3. Oooo brilliant. Thanks :) x

  4. I've done this on my blog, but wordpress doesn't support widgets, so I haven't been able to place the widget on my post :(

  5. Thanks, going to read now :) No worries about linking with the widget xxx