3 reasons to be cheerful

Found this through one friend Metal Mummy who had linked this from another Mummy blogger Mummy from the Heart

Just to list 3 reasons why I am happy.

1. I'm extremely happy with my weeks workouts. I've always been a bit lazy with exercise and since having the Wii fit I've not really done enough on it to break into a sweat. This week however I have done a lot more than usual and it leaves me feeling really good that I've done that exercise

2. I'm happy because I'm managing to keep up with my blogging and my 365 project. Really enjoying having something to focus on each day and update each evening.

3. Jared. Simply Jared. Although he can be a terror a lot of the time he can also make me so happy. Just the way he says things and does things is all so cute. I want to bottle the feeling he gives me when he does something new by himself for the first time, I feel like I could burst with pride sometimes.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart


  1. Well done on the exercise, just today I resolved that I must do some!

    Thanks for linking up. I hope you will link up again, it will be evry Friday.

    Mich x

  2. I've the Wii Fit and never go on it. I really should. In this awful weather it's much better not to have to leave the house to exercise!!

    Have a great weekend.
    CJ xx

  3. Yes the Wii fit! I am on the case - back at slimming world so good exercise for me as we are quite remote here in North Yorkshire.