Food and exercise

I'm fed up with the crap way I'm eating again. I know being the holidays I have let myself have what I want, but even before that I have slipped. Although I'm not putting on any weight (according to Wii Fit I've not been losing any either, and I've not been exercising much either)

I did lose about a stone after doing some low-carb dieting. It felt good to shift that, but I do need to tone up and eat a bit healthier, all I crave is chocolate and crisps and chips and bread! I'm much better than I used to be with bread. I could go through half a loaf of bread of an evening just by eating toast.

So cutting out carbs my biggest challenge is sugar! Sugar in my tea mainly. And I need to put away all the chocolate in the house too. boooo. I love chocolate.

So the plan is to cut down on sugar (I seriously can't drink tea with no sugar, and don't get me started on sweeteners they taste horrid) Cut out potatoes (no chips boo) No chocolate. No pasta, rice or floury products (so no more home made Toad in the Hole)

Wholemeal bread and wholemeal flour is ok from time to time, I just need to be careful.
I need to stock up on loads of veg and loads of meat, and tons of eggs! I love eggs anyway so its not too bad.

The main thing I really need to do is get on with a decent amount of exercise and stop sitting on my bum every night watching tv. Doesn't help I just brought The Sims 3 for Xbox, but I think I may have to limit when I play on it so I don't get lazy again like I have been over the holidays.

In my old blog I wrote a very similar post about eating better and exercise and I know I can do it, just through eating healthier I lost a stone, and I can do it better now I have found a fun way to exercise (wii fit) so I can tone up as I lose the flab :) That's the plan anyway!

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