Looking forwards.

I'm currently signed off work, by my doctor, with depression.

I hope to return after the weekend. I've had so much time off, and I really need to face my fears and get back to normal. It's ever so complicated, but I am determined to go back and stay back.

I have some positive things to look forward to, and I hope they keep me going.

 We are going to a friends wedding reception tomorrow night. I'm excited as it is the first wedding we will have attended together without J.

Me and Hubby are staying in a cute b&b, should be a nice weekend. So tonight I could have gone to the pub as we are child free. But I have decided to stay in now and save my energy for tomorrow.

Hopefully we are also off on a mini holiday in August to The Netherlands.

 I also am hoping to return into education after a long time later this year! I need a goal, I need a career I love. I need to do this for me.

Married life is all goood :) It's weird having a new surname, but I smile every-time I have to write it, say it or see it :) Love our family all being the same.

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