Nursery and blog laziness

I realise I've been a bit naughty with my blogging of recent. I've not kept anything up to date. My 30 day song challenge has stopped. I won't continue it as It feels like nobody really cares anyway! I have still been doing my 365 project, but uploading the photos and organizing them on here isn't as simple as Facebook so that link needs some big updating, I may link it to my Facebook album. My day zero list is still a work in progress but many of the things I said I would do regularly have also been forgotten. Wow I need to get my act together.

Jared started nursery school last week, its been a big change in our life.

Jared on his first day at 'school'
 The first few days Jared cried his heart out and didn't want to go - of course he was fine once we left and played nicely all morning and didn't want to leave when he was picked up. This week he asked to go as soon as he woke up. Very cute. He tells me all he does is play with trains - typical of Jared! It's been really refreshing to have a few more hours to myself to do little things like go shopping and get some housework done in peace and even catch up with some TV.
I also changed my shifts at work and now do two 8 hour shifts instead of my 16 hours being spread over 3 days, its also nice to only have to work 2 days a week :)

I wish the weather would heat up a bit. I want to do nice things outside with my  family. Take Jared out a bit more, have a picnic on the common and play some football with him. We are both full of cold right now though so even if it was sunny and lovely I don't think we would feel like doing anything!

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