Jelly Belly

Sitting here waiting for 8.50am to roll around and to take Jared to nursery, then I'm off to the shops to buy some fresh fruit and bacon! 

So yesterday I decided it was time to start eating a bit healthier - I know bacon doesn't sound like the healthiest choice, but in the way I'm choosing to eat its the best for me. I'm doing my own version of Atkins or a low carb diet. I don't like to really call it a diet as I still get to eat as much food as I like I'm just cutting out a lot of starchy food and white processed floury foods. So no white bread, flour, rice, pasta. No potatoes, crisps, biscuits, chocolate or other sweets and cutting out sugar as much as I can. However I can eat meat, even fatty meat, eggs, cheese, most veggies and some fruit, and a little amount of carbs in the form of wholemeal grains/bread and veg. So I can still have my fave, which is Chicken and veg, just without the potatoes! 

I've done it before and lost nearly a stone, I was 11stone and dropped to just under 10st but the last 6 months I've been eating badly and the weight has crept up again, not by much, but I can see my mummy/baby jelly belly starting to come back! I also have been avoiding exercise. I need to get back in shape if I want to run (not walk or jog, actually wanted to get fit and run) the Race for Life next month too. You can sponsor me for this there is a link in the sidebar of my blog :)

I swear I wrote a post about this not that long ago in my blog, So I didnt stick to it when I planned to do it! Oops I wouldn't be surprised if it was almost identical. 

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  1. I'm seriously considering copying you on this; it sounds like a good "diet" to me, even though I've never dieted and would never admit to being on one anyway!! Good luck with it.

    CJ xx