Flashback Friday - Portchester Castle

 I''m not sure of the dates of these photos, they were all taken at Portchester Castle  I should have asked my mum. I'm guessing I was about 9/10 maybe I'm not really sure. I loved going there, and lived locally at some points in my life - I moved about a lot as a kid.

 I want to take Jared there one day for a day out, its only a 15 min  train ride and a 20 min walk away, just gotta find a day thats nice and hopefully take him in the summer.

I went over to my mums house yesterday and scanned in the photos of me and her and uploaded them to FB for her. I love old photos! The one of my and my brother I had scanned into my PC a while ago.
Me and my mum
Me and my older brother Martin

Me and my mum again

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  1. Lovely memories...great spot for a photo. x

  2. How funny! I'm convinced that my mum and dad have photos of us in that exact same spot somewhere....I'll have to see if I can dig them out. Great memories!

  3. Your mum looks very young! She could be an older sister :) lovely photos and memories

  4. Oh they are lovely photos I love old pictures of family members xx