Metal Mummy's Movie Meme - Week 2 Black and White

This week the theme is Black and White. Now I could think of some modern films that have a black and white twist, but I couldnt think of many films that I had watched and really really enjoyed. Then I kept thinking of some old 1930's musicals and tried my hardest to remember which one I watched! After going through many clips on Youtube I narrowed it down to this

Shall we Dance

The plot via Wikipedia Peter P Peters (Astaire), an American ballet dancer billed as 'Petrov' dances for a ballet company in Paris owned by the bumbling Jeffrey Baird (Horton). Peters secretly wants to blend classical ballet with modern jazz dancing, and when he sees a photo of tapdancer Linda Keene (Rogers), he falls in love with her. He contrives to meet her, but she's less than impressed. They meet again on a liner travelling back to New York. Unknown to them, a plot is launched as a publicity stunt, 'proving' that they're actually married. Peters and Keene, unable to scotch the rumour, decide to actually marry and immediately divorce. But they discover that they prefer being married.

I love Fred Astaire and I love old musicals. I love the glamour and the comedy of these films. I cant say a lot about this film as I watched it once on tv and my memory is shocking these days. But I do enjoy a musical, especially the old classic hollywood black and whites. However now we have Sky movies and HD I don't see much of the TCM channel anymore!

It was really hard to find clips of the actual full songs, I guess from copyright, only parts of dancing and peoples own made clips with music not from the film over the top.

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  1. Awwww good 'ol Fred and Ginger eh! Can't beat 'um :) Just watching that clip makes me smile!

  2. Fabulous choice. I'm chuffed you found a film to take part with.

    Can't beat a bit of Fred! x

  3. Nothing like an old musical to brighten up your day x