Listography - 5 Pet Hates

Have just discovered a new meme. Listography @ Kate Takes 5 -  This weeks theme is Pet Hates.


And now I have to choose my 5 pet hates

1. Cyclists.
I don't mind if they ride on the road or on a designated cycle path. But when grown adults ride a bike on the pavement and expect me to move out of there way I get so angry I could push them off. I'm not moving for you - you should be cycling on the road!!! (Kids on bikes on pavements are fine, they are still learning, over the age of 14 is not acceptable!)

2. Cars that don't indicate.
I walk everywhere. I don't drive, but what really annoys me is if I'm out and about and trying to cross a road and I see a car coming I will wait, then it turns into another road without indicating. If I had seen the car indicate I could have already crossed without waiting for the stupid car to come past. I know indicators are mainly for other motorists, and if there are no cars about  drivers don't use them as much, but think about pedestrians! Taxi drivers are the worst for this!

3. Dog mess. 
There are dog mess bins up and down the streets where I live. However I find myself having to dodge dog mess on a daily basis. It's lazy of dog owners not to pick it up. Jared doesn't always look at the floor when he is walking and I have to direct him around the shit that is on the street. It's vile. It was worse when I had the pushchair and my wheels went through it.

4. People Who Type Like This Every Time They Write Anything. For No Good Reason
You don't start every word with a capital letter. Also people who type like this - I lyKe yOo aNd ThiNk thAt yoU aRe gReat. What is the point, it is difficult to read and makes you look like a 5 year old. I have a few FB friends who start every word with a capital letter and it drives me bonkers. Please stop doing it!

5. Female hygiene/sanitary adverts
Seriously do you really need to see a sanitary towel on a roller coaster or on a bucking bronco! As those are the things that show us how it works. They are stupid and annoying. Adverts for thrush tablets annoy me too. If you had a problem down there you would look up these kind of products yourself or see your GP. They make me cringe.

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  1. Great list - was nodding all the way through! Delighted you decided to join in. x

  2. Haha I LOVE this list lol!